Keep it Natural…and Lose Weight

One of the biggest problems of our time is the way so many of us are gaining weight. It’s almost as if our nation has reached a critical mass of how many people have become overweight that it’s becoming harder and harder to not become overweight yourself.  

This trend has to stop, or our health costs will go up even more as we deal with all the health issues that come from a combination of our collective gluttony and our loss of natural sensibilities.  Many of us have become “de-Natured”. 

It is not easy to stop such a strong downward trend. As you have probably noticed it takes energy to move upward, it doesn’t take much to continue in a downward trajectory. 

The antidote to this national problem is to be able to perceive “the natural” in a whole different light.  And from that, to discover ways to purposely tap into Nature’s set of elements-energies-forces. There are ways to draw upon them through the food you eat, the activities you choose to have in your day, even the way you move and walk. 

4 Element Lifestyle is here to help you draw upon the health-giving power of these 4 Elements of Nature. We offer both practical ways to reach important health goals like losing weight and a set of over-arching spiritual and philosophical ways. We call this practical + spiritual way of helping you “the Earth and Fire” approach 

Concept: Most likely you have tried a variety of diets. What you possibly lacked was a “natural sensibility” that helped you to perceive the energetics of the food you were eating. The more you have this natural sensibility the easier it is to lose weight. 

Why? Because you will be drawn to eat healthier food, which vibrates with a complex of natural, higher-lifting and health-giving energies instead of low-pulling energy foods.

Action Step (A How):  Stay away from anything that says “no fat”. If it says no fat, it probably is filled with sugar or other processed, “de-Natured” ingredients like artificial colors. Even the yoghurts of today should be assessed in this way. Most things that say “no fat” are for people who know very little about how food works, and by companies that have little in the way of natural sensibilities – just a lot of marketing prowess.

As it turns out, fat helps you feel satiated, full. Importantly, fats and oils are involved in a variety of biochemical body processes that can help you lose weight. The right oils help against inflammation, brain problems, hormone imbalances and help us build the cell membranes that maintain each and every cell.

It is important, then, to look for healthy fat sources. Stay away from partially hydrogenated oils. Though the amounts of these de-Natured oils have been decreasing in our foods finally, naturally oriented people and organizations have been talking about their harm to our body for over 40 years. 

The point is that modern medicine and the government departments that work with our food industries are always behind by 30 or so years. With 4 Element Lifestyle, you stay ahead of the curve. Thinking in terms of a food’s “principles”, and appreciating the 4 Elements’ power in our food keeps you ahead of the curve! 

Dr. Walsdorf recommends having at least 3 oils that move through your life. Perhaps olive oil, coconut oil and butter – yes, butter is good if it’s from grass-fed cows! Perhaps have some pumpkin seed oil in your fridge to drizzle over some veggies, or even some hemp oil. 

Each natural oil is the coming together of various subcomponents, or “biochemical principles”, which give that oil its taste, its usefulness to the body, its cooking properties. The more you can improve (and enjoy) the oils you use the more you will be on your way to losing weight. Even having almond butter or even having nuts regularly in your diet will permit you to bring healthy oil principles into you.

Find places in your diet for these different oil-rich foods and oils. Always stay away from your traditional “cooking oils”, which have been corn and soy. Canola is a bit controversial, but is probably reasonable to use if olive oil is out of your price range. 

At the same time, don’t fry too much; sautéing is generally fine. Try steaming and then dribbling on some good oil on your veggies, with some salt and spices. For some, it might take awhile to enjoy the change in palate, but often people notice there is less bloating and mental fogginess that comes when good oils are used.

The idea with losing weight is to substitute foods that have more positive, life-lifting energies, not ones that pull you downward with their heavy starches. These trappings of many modern diets are often depleted of many of Nature’s positive energies, principles and forces. Consciously choosing good oils for you and your family is a great way to ensure that you (and they) are moving in the right direction!