Vitamins and Supplements

Dr. W has searched hard over the years to find the best products for his patients.  For well over two decades he has been using Pure Encapsulations products with excellent success for people with a wide variety of health issues.  

So Much Better Than Drugstore/Big Box Brands

As Dr. W tells his patients: “A little knowledge can be dangerous”.  The point is that while we all know that vitamins and minerals are important, we often don’t know what kind of formulations of them are good – or even bad.  You’ll understand this more as you read Dr. W’s comments on various products.

Quality Ingredients and Formulas

For now, know this: those supplements that come well marketed – often with a name that you have come to trust – are often made with formulations of vitamins and minerals that are not good for you.  The products below are so much better than mass market brands.

You can click here to find products suited to your health goals.

Why We Sell Pure Encapsulations

Dr. Walsdorf has been using Pure Encapsulations for over 20 years. Before discovering them, he research what was out there for his patients – and continues to – finding that Pure Encapsulations is possibly the very best in helping his patients with their health goals. They work with integrity and use the best ingredients as they create leading-edge formulations. The costs are reasonable – especially as you discover that their ingredients are more expensive than most of the drugstore brands.  Just for the record, Pure Encapsulations does not allow discounting of their products. We provide free shipping and will often double your 4 Element Lifestyle Loyalty points.

Dr. W especially recommends their daily packs – “These packs help his patients achieve their health goals more easily.  There is something about a daily pack that builds momentum and promotes his patient’s follow-through.” 

You’ll notice that there are daily packs for many desired purposes. Some, like the Detox pack, might be seen as a one to use for a month or twice a year; others, like the Pure Lean, might be taken until you reach your health goals and afterward you’ll be relying more on just your diet choices. As for the Men’s, Women’s, Athletic, and NeuroMood Pure Packs you might find yourself taking one of them long-term. 

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