Coping with Allergies and Boosting Your Line of Defense

If you’re an allergy sufferer you know allergies can wreak havoc in your daily life- and that’s nothing to sneeze at! Sneezingwheezingrunny nose, and itchy, watery, red eyes — these are just some of the symptoms that millions of us face each year as the pollen from trees, grass, flowers, and plants makes their way into the air.[read more…]

The Healthy Athlete

Significant to pushing themselves hard, athletes experience many micro-traumas that occur within the muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules of their bodies. These slow, steady micro-traumas that come with repetitive workouts or competitions can slowly degrade the tissues of an area and allow injury.[read more…]

Solid, Hand-dipped or Rolled Honeycomb

There are two main candle types.  One is the traditional pillar-type.  It’s solid and of the warm soft orangey hue.  These are great for everyday use.  Personally I really like the rolled honeycomb variety.  Yes they are more expensive; but at least to me, they have a more wholesomely complete energetics.  [read more…]

Heal Your Stomach, Naturally- Hiatal Hernia, Reflux, GERD

As you will discover while working with the 4 Elements, there are four important life-building principles that you can use to regain health and a pain-free existence.  Few people today know about these principles. [read more…]

Dr. W’s Pick-Me-Up Green Drinks

While recommending a variety of nutritional supports, ultimately, there is no substitute for Green Drinks to get great health-building nutrients easily and economically into your body.  You would have to take 10 to 30 pills or capsules to get the amount of nutrition that is in a serving of these drinks. [read more…]

Astrology’s 12-ness

Today’s astrology has had the input from the wisest of literally hundreds of generations. It takes that biblical notion from Genesis, that “we are made in God’s image” seriously.  Astrologers through the ages connected this spiritual concept to the idea that the heavenly cosmos manifest the glory of God as well. [read more…]

The Power of Nitrogen to Improve Sex (and even your heart)

You’ve likely heard of nitroglycerine to improve blood flow to the heart, but could there be something comparable for our special male part? While many men have tried Viagra for their male member, there are more natural remedies. Let’s talk about them now. [read more…]

The Glory of Teas

Part of a 4 Element Lifestyle includes drinking a variety of teas. Why? It’s because teas are where we find the easy ability to draw in an assortment of Nature’s “life-positive principles”. Now, what are life-positive principles you ask? Life-positive means that as we drink teas we are tapping into a vast array of biochemical ingredients which energize the power of life within us. Calling these life-positive components principles goes a bit further. [read more…]

The Ever Important Thyroid Gland

Do you feel tired, uninspired, dull? It could be a breakdown in the well-being of your thyroid gland.  4 Element thinking helps us to notice that while the adrenal glands are the endocrine glands for the lumbar spine, the thyroid gland is the endocrine gland for your cervical spine. [read more…]

So You Get Sick Often? 

After the stomach, it is problems with the immune system that are the most common health complaint among my patients. These immune problems can be causing anything from a recurrent sore throat, lung infections, ear problems for their children, to sinus infections, bladder and digestive problems and even cancer.[read more…]

Helping Alzheimer’s, Nutritionally – the Power of Nature’s Wood Principle

It appears it’s becoming an epidemic – Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, as well as Parkinson’s disease. Newest research shows that it might all come from a simple thing: the loss of nitric oxide being produced. Nitric oxide is a simple molecule made up of one oxygen atom bonded to one nitrogen atom. [read more…]

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is a complex, controversial neuro-behavioral problem that shows up as distractibility, impulsiveness, and often hyperactivity.  It affects almost 5% of children, mostly boys, and usually begins by the age of 7. [read more…]

Eyes – How and why They Need Your Help

From a 4 Element perspective, it is easy to appreciate that your eyes are the Fire element’s sense organ of the body – in the same way that your ears are your body’s Air element sense organ.  And while sound moves through air, it’s interesting to know that taste and smell molecules work by moving through water. [read more…]

Hair, Skin, Nails and Silica

What unifies this threesome is that they exist on the outer sides of your body, and that they are used in grooming yourself.  While the skin helps to create the physical boundary between you and the world, your hair helps create your outward identity, and your nails give you a set of sharp edges to manipulate the world beyond. [read more…]

Fire, Air, Water or Earth Sign?

The Fire, Air, Water and Earth of astrology are part of an ancient wisdom that we today need very desperately.  From Plato, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, to Isaac Newton, most scientists up until the last few centuries believed that the heavens showed important cosmic truths— helped us see Creation’s spiritual dimension. [read more…]

Energy Boost

Significant to pushing themselves hard, athletes experience many micro-traumas that occur within the muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules of their bodies. These slow, steady micro-traumas that come with repetitive workouts or competitions can slowly degrade the tissues of an area and allow injury. [read more…]

The Value of Loose Tea

As you may have noticed, our 4 Element Wellness Tea Collection is composed of “loose tea” – as opposed to teabags.  There are a number of reasons that we have done this.  One important one is that loose tea puts you more in direct contact with the tea.  You see, touch and smell the tea more. [read more…]

Keep it Natural and Lose Weight

One of the biggest problems of our time is the way so many of us are gaining weight. It’s almost as if our nation has reached a critical mass of how many people have become overweight that it’s becoming harder and harder to not become overweight yourself. [read more…]

Arthritis and Pain

As a doctor who cares for those with significant pain, I have come to appreciate Nature’s storehouse of nutritional components the body can draw upon when injured. There are two main sets of needs that come with an injury. [read more…]

Candle Radiance

There is something spiritually empowering about candles – at least that’s what would be suggested by their use in so many cultures from all over the world.  And indeed the 4 Element Lifestyle holds candles in special esteem as an easy way to quickly transition oneself to a different reality – a higher, more spiritually invigorated one.  [read more…]

Making Food Tastier, Naturally

Condiments are what we as humans have been using for thousands of years to add to the pleasures of eating. Our national obsession with catsup and mustard expresses America’s way of using condiments to make our collective food-eating experience a good one. [read more…]

What’s Your Vision?

Your eyes are such an important part of your body, so it’s paramount Whatto keep them operating in a healthy way.  The longer we live, the more vulnerable they are to ultraviolet and the free radicals that can destroy their vulnerable tissues.  The product we feel is most useful is the Macular Support Formula.  [read more…]

Have a Heart… A Healthy One

The heart is one of the most important organs in our bodies.  Heart-related diseases, which include cardiovascular problems like strokes, are the number one cause of death in America – more than all cancers put together!  It is imperative, then, to ensure that your heart and blood vessels are given the best opportunity to stay healthy.  [read more…]

The Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil packs are a time-honored part of the natural healing tradition. They were particularly recommended by Edgar Cayce, “the clairvoyant healer” of the early 1900s. These packs have been documented to be helpful for many conditions, including liver and gallbladder problems, kidney and uterine problems, tumors, wounds, injuries, and body pains. [read more…]

Walk Away Your Stress

A significant problem for many people is the amount of stress they feel each day.  Various studies have shown that stress plays a great role in many diseases – it weakens your body and permits your weak links to rise up to the surface.  It has a role in heart disease, digestive problems, diabetes and weight gain for example. [read more…]

Stress, Adrenal Glands and an Intro to Hormones

You think you might have a thyroid or adrenal problems? Many people do. Let’s take a few minutes to learn about them. In a sense they are a yin-yang pair.  Both are part of the endocrine system – a glandular system that creates and puts hormones into your blood. [read more…]

Women’s Health

Women play an important role in the lives of their families and in the workplace, that’s why it’simportant for them to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Creating balance and harmony in one’s life
is achieved through proper nutrition, exercise and rest and relaxation. Bring the 4 Elements into your life
and discover the possibilities! [read more…]

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