Our Teas are 100% Organic!

Awaken Your Taste…

Life is meant to be tasted.  Teas give us the capacity to do so in a slow, intimate way. They carry within their warm (or iced over) waters a variety of herbal principles.  These give an herb its flavors, its biochemical powers, its healing forces. Let your taste buds explore Nature in ways that only teas allow – and deliciously so.

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Our Totally Organic Tea Collection:

We have a great assortment of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas. Some are composed of just one herb – like Green Tea; many of our teas are blends of different herbs, whose biochemistries and principles meld in a tasty and healthy way.

The Value of Loose Tea

As you may have noticed, our 4 Element Wellness Tea Collection is composed of “loose tea” – as opposed to teabags.  Our loose teas put you more directly in touch with Nature’s flavors and aromas than bagged teas. They allow you to make your tea exactly as you like it – and are more economical, too.  

Tasty, Inviting and Priced Right

There is something warm and inviting about the way the canisters of our Tea Collection convey their teas.  They’ll connect you to a more primitive realm – where flavors are real and life-positive forces are tendered with each sip.  You and your family will look forward to using them.  Tasty, economical & organic.


The Glory of Teas

Part of a 4 Element Lifestyle includes drinking a variety of teas. Why? It’s because teas are where we find the easy ability to draw in an assortment of Nature’s “life-positive principles”. Now, what are life-positive principles you ask? Life-positive means that as we drink teas we are tapping into a vast array of biochemical ingredients which energize the power of life within us. Calling these life-positive components principles goes a bit further. Principles – an important concept in the 4 Element Lifestyle – speaks to the idea that these tea components have an inherent spiritual dimension.

While the 4 Elements are the expression of Creation’s first four principles, thousands of other principles are born as Nature unfolded into the vast but interconnected whole it currently is. Each family of plants has its unique signature of life-rich biochemical components, which builds its herbal nature – and manifests important life-positive “principles”. It should be said that even within the members of each family of plants – the mint family for example – there will be a spectrum of distribution to its family’s signature herbal components; oregano and thyme, spearmint and peppermint – all mints – can be defined by these biochemical principles.

We’ve learned to rely on and realize the importance of these plant components. While some herbal biochemistries are poisonous, most are not. The herbs in humankind’s herbal tradition provide in biochemical form, the life-positive portions of Nature’s whole – principles that convey something that makes our bodies more resilient and generally healthier.