Natural Skin & Body Care Products

You do it daily. Everyday we wash our face, we brush our teeth – we get ready for the day! We have our routine. Unfortunately, most people have bought into the mass marketing of all kinds of skin, teeth and hair products. These products are typically made with industrial chemicals, which have little or no “Nature” in them.

Using "De-Natured" Products?

Living a Four Element-inspired lifestyle means using more natural products, where the life-positive forces of Nature are present – ready for you and your family to draw upon. And indeed, there is no better time than now to shift to personal care products that have more Nature in them.

What About your Toothpaste?

Your teeth and mouth in deserve something better than what you may be putting on your tooth brush right now. While there are a lot of toothpastes to choose from, we’ve done the work, offering the best that are out there.

Our Products are Very Special

Compared to most mass-market brands, our body care product formulations are more complex – their natural ingredients elegantly put together for you and your family. Take a look and feel free to share with us what you’d like to see us carry in the future.

Cleaner, Whiter Teeth, Naturally

Toothpastes are a basic part of one’s morning and evening routine.  For that reason we’ve searched out some of the best natural toothpastes available. The toothpastes we offer help you apply a host of natural healing. The toothpastes we offer help you apply a host of natural healing ingredients to your teeth, gums, mouth interiors as you brush. Some have fluoride, some do not.  We suggest initially purchasing a few different ones to see which you and your household members like best.

Special Care for your Skin

We’ve developed our own line of skin products. They are especially brimming with Nature’s positive energies.  It’s so useful (and even important) to have a few different skin crèmes, salves and balms on hand.

You’ll be more effective using these different skin healers when you can see them put into the ancient yin-yang balance between oil and water. As you read about the skincare products below, you’ll learn how they effectively create this yin-yang balance.

Soothe & Protect Topically

Our skin salves are rich in oils and feel so good to dry skin. They are great for nourishing your face and body and are more protective against skin dryness and seasonal chapping.  They’re also good to rub into dry cuticles and are essential for fighting winter dryness.

You’ll find these products a bit are more expensive than our aloe products because they’re made with more costly oils, but a little goes a long way.  They are a bit oily, but it gets absorbed within minutes, leaving your skin more protected and eager to heal.

As far as ointments, Dr. Walsdorf has found that the Topricin family of arnica-based homeopathic products brings great healing forces to sprained ligaments and strained muscle fibers.

They’re especially useful for rotator cuff, ankle and foot problems – as well as spinal issues.  It is not so much for muscle spasm as it is for traumatized or strained tissue.

These products do not smell of menthol, and are quickly absorbed.  You won’t know you have it on – except that you’ll begin to feel that something positive is happening to the local tissues. Arnica, the main herb, is time-honored and brings the body’s own healing powers to the tissues it is massaged into.

We offer a variety of arnica-based homeopathic products which are honestly very similar to each other with the exception of a few select homeopathic ingredients. Having any one of them is generally sufficient for all musculoskeletal healing.


Create & Maintain Healthy Skin

On the other side of that important balance between oil and water are the aloe vera gels and the hydrosols.  Think of the gels as thick water – but without any oils. Our line doesn’t use just water, but aloe vera juice – rich in a wide variety of healing principles for the skin.

These gels are nice to gently rub into your face, or any part of your skin.  While it works well on the scalps of those with hair, those with a bald head can especially enjoy applying it using sweeping movements from chin and cheeks upward through the nose and ears, onto the top of the skull.

Here we have very wet, cooling fluids to splash onto your face, hair, or any other part of your body.  Hydrosols are the water-soluble portions that come from a steam refractive process, where the essential oils are drawn out of a flower through the heat application of steam.  Aloe splashes are made as essential oils are combined with aloe vera’s life-positive watery fluids.

Both herbal hydrosols and aloe splashes are pleasant ways to invigorate your outer edge, your skin. Consider having one or two of these to choose from on a hot day, or to rehydrate your skin after a day at the beach or a pool.