Shipping & Returns


There is no charge for purchases over $50.00. There is a $5.00 shipping charge for purchases under $50.00.


Our preferred method of contact is through our email address: 

You may contact us at replace with phone number


Shipping is done by UPS or the US Postal Service, and unless specifically notified otherwise, will be shipped within 2 business days.  


Return Policy

Returns may be requested for up to 30 days by clicking here and filling out the form.  We will email you a return shipping label.  We must receive the product within 2 weeks from the time you filled out the form (up to 6 weeks after purchase).  If the product was not opened, you will be refunded in full.  If products like Vitamins, Teas or condiments were opened, you will get credit to apply to future purchases.  

If a horoscope you purchased does not ring true or if you find little value in it, you may within 30 days ask for a full refund.  We believe in the accuracy and personal growth power of our astrology products, and are willing to back them up in this way.