Your Child Horoscope

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This will bring you a new and useful perspective on how to understand your child/children.  Learn what makes your son or daughter tick, why they are drawn to what they like.  You’ll discover where there are planetary energy harmonies and disharmonies.  This will aid you in helping your children develop their strengths as well as helping them work around their weaknesses.     

Once  you purchase one child’s chart, you can receive a chart for up to four of your other children for only $15 each – we want to give you incentives to use our 4 Element Astrology to help you raise your children well!

Though we can caste a chart without exact times of birth, we recommend that you do what you can to provide the time your child/children was born, otherwise  we will use noon . Time of birth is important to determine the exact placement of each sign of the zodiac upon the 12 houses of your chart.  Without your time of birth, planetary positions within each sign and the relations between planets will be as accurate as ever.  However, the Moon, because it moves approximately 1° every 2 hours, will not be exactly right, being up to 6° off.  If you choose to have your chart done without the exact time of birth, you have up to 2 months to have your chart recast for a more effective interpretation done for only $5.00.  Note: your birth certificate – generally available at your town or city clerk’s office often has your birth time present.

*We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all of our astrology charts. If you do not find them satisfactory, email us at and we will fully refund your purchase.