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Sencha Leaf Green Tea



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Traditional Japanese Green Tea A splendid green tea to have on hand to enjoy by yourself or with dinner guests. What makes Sencha special is that it is the first leaves of the tea plant. Because of this, it is filled with more of a concentration of nutrients – think: the extra energy present in youngsters, or the extra nutrients in sprouts that are brimming with the biochemistries of life. To especially preserve this nourishment these tea leaves are steamed (not pan-fired), which give them what some might call an earthy green taste – not strong, but very pleasant.

Brewing Tips

By the cup or by the pot: Put a teaspoon (or more) into a strainer-bamboo or metal; or 4 to 8 teaspoons into a larger tea ball for an average-sized teapot. Almost-boiling water is best, poured gently onto the strainer. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes, or even up to 20. Consider filling your thermos for the day!


Made from the first emerald green leaves of the tea plant. Because they are the first tender leaves of spring, many of the winter-stored nutrients are put into these leaves by the plant. As a Japanese green tea, the  leaves are steamed (not pan-fired), giving it a somewhat grassy and earthy taste.  *Fair Trade Certified Organic • Nutritious • Pleasing -Caffeinated-