Sniffle No More Tea

3 Oz.


While it has herbs in it to combat the sniffles and stimulate your immune system and lungs, it is also pleasantly flavorful. While peppermint and ginger are somewhat common in herb teas, the elder flowers, hyssop, mullein and yarrow are often not as frequently enjoined in teas.  This is a great combo.  It’s a good one to perhaps add some honey, and enjoy really anytime you want to tonify your body with some of the best of Nature’s herbs.  Remember, while its name might focus you onto using it for colds and flu, it’s great anytime you want a flavorful herbal tea!
Organic • Wholesome • Healing

Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic elderflower, organic raspberry leaf, organic ginger, organic elderberries, organic mullein leaf, organic yarrow flower, and organic hyssop.

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