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  • The four elements of health and wellness
  • The importance of the four elements in human history and how
    they relate to Nature
  • The importance of heel strike with walking
  • The importance of good posture
  • The importance of bringing life-positive foods into your body
  • How to recognize life-positive strong foods
  • How to do 4 Element Yoga
  • The four elements of your horoscope/our human psychology
  • How to breathe better and release stress

… And so much more

Dr. W’s Wellness Course & Community

$29.00 / month

Purchase this product now - you'll earn 29 Store Credit Points!

Looking for a leading-edge way to heal yourself and/or have more balance in your life?  A way that appreciates (and uses) Nature as a reservoir of healing principles, forces, and energies?

If so, you’ll find Dr. Walsdorf’s Health & Wellness Course to be a great tool to reboot your life with mindfulness and the healing energies of Nature. 

What makes Dr. W. and his course exceptionally special is that it builds on his 30 years of experience as a holistic doctor guiding and healing his patients with the Ancient’s four element healing system.

You will learn in this course just how relevant and useful the Fire, Air, Water & Earth principles-forces-energies-elements of Nature (and the Cosmos) really are for us even today.

There is also a Community aspect of this program. While you don’t have to get involved in it, you can use it to connect with other members who you may find interesting and have some simpatico with. Read more about the Course below.

Purchase this product now - you'll earn 29 Store Credit Points!

This is a truly a holistic course, wherein you will see “a four element pattern” involving four life-positive principles running through your life. Everything from your body as a whole, to your individual organs, to the plants that make up your diet – to even your posture and the way you move – reflect your particular balance of a set of natural-cosmic-spiritual principles.

This course is individually paced. Students are emailed an audio class segment that includes a short on-line quiz. Dr. W believes that these quizzes help reinforce important points that will often be drawn upon later. They also summarize essential parts of this often new-to-you “health and wellness” material. There is no pass or fail to the quizzes. You will quickly see the right answers. You receive a new audio class segment about every two weeks.

Interspersed between these audio class segments, you will also receive audio and video links, which will add yet more dimension to this course and to your Health & Wellness growth.

This is a new course by Dr. Walsdorf. It is currently priced at an introductory $29.00 a month. Becoming a member of this life-changing class now, locks in your monthly charge at this special price for as long as you remain a member. You may stop this course at any time. As a member, you also receive special money-saving coupons for discounts at 4ElementLifestyle.com.

The first level of the course is 12 months. Once finished you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion – announcing to the world that you are a Certified 4 Element Fourisimo’ 🙂 You may continue for another 12 months and become Level 1 Certified as a teacher of 4 Element Yoga.

Dr. Walsdorf has spent more than 30 years helping his patients renew their “body-mind-spirit” health & wellness. The secret is his ability to tap into an ancient way of understanding ourselves.

As it turns out your body – the unconscious part of you – understands many aspects of this ancient wisdom. But there is a veil that keeps this ancient and bodily wisdom from being part of today’s health and wellness equation.

That is because this wisdom has not been the focus of doctors and the modern world in general. That’s going to change for you with Dr. Walsdorf’s Health & Wellness Course!

Dr. Walsdorf is one of the few doctors trained in what is called “Four Element Natural Healing”. With this course you will become privy to a powerfully “new” (but ancient) way of understanding your body, your mind, and even your spirit. Not only will you have a greater chance of improving your health, but your life will take on a greater richness as you see the world in a deeper, more fulfilling way.

Also as a member of this course/community you can send up to four personal email questions to Dr. W. per quarter. The charge is $50.00 for two correspondences with Dr. W. It is fair to say that many of these email responses will be brief – a more significant relationship is built through Dr. W’s Virtual Visits program.

While some members of this program are only interested in Dr. W’s Wellness Course, some will enjoy this Community-building part of the program. Here you are given the opportunity to tap into a community of people who want to support each other as they learn how to use the Fire, Air, Water & Earth principles to improve their life in a body, mind and spirit kind of way.

As a member of this community, you may ask questions to the group, post ideas, or share experiences that relate to this four element journey we are all on. With this Community you are given the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives by sharing inspiring ideas and healing experiences you have had in relation to Nature. 

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