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Blessed Brain Elixir Tea

2.5 Oz


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A Memory-Imbuing Herbal
This combination of herbs has been selected to help nourish our brain. Always keep in mind that herbs are Nature’s way to put into the biochemistries of life healing principles for our body. These herbal principles are often time-honored in their appreciation by various cultures. Often these herbs might have a certain bite, or bitterness (like those in our Cleansing Tea); this elixir, however is flavorful in a very pleasant way. The gingko, eleuthero root and gotu kola are all time-honored in their brain-nourishing activities. This is a tea you can enjoy even daily!

Brewing Tips

By the cup or by the pot: Put a teaspoon (or more) into a strainer-bamboo or metal; or 4 to 8 teaspoons into a larger tea ball for an average-sized teapot. Almost-boiling water is best, poured gently onto the strainer. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes, or even up to 20. Consider filling your thermos for the day!


Organic ginkgo, organic hibiscus flower, organic eleuthero root, organic gotu kola, organic parsley leaf, organic alfalfa leaf, organic motherwort leaf, organic bilberry leaf, and organic ginger root.
Organic • Priceless • Nutritious

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