Earn up to 18 Store Credit Points.

Arch Supports for Improved Foot Health

Small, Regular, Large and Extra Large



Earn up to 18 Store Credit Points.

Dr. W highly recommends these to many of his patients. These are made in Germany of high-quality leather and are not squishy like most arch supports. They are put right into the arch area of the shoe and do much to help the feet work more efficiently. In fact they help the whole body to work better – they invigorate the gluteal muscles, which are important to take strain off the knees, hips and lower back. These arches move forces to the outside of the foot (which is what arches are meant to do).

While some people might think that arch supports weaken their own arches, Dr. W’s research shows they actually strengthen your own arches! For most people, these arches are a great inexpensive investment they are able to make in their feet. Each comes with a valuable Holistic Foot Education pamphlet written by Dr. W.


  • Small:(children, less than size 6)
  • Regular:Mens size 8 or less, women’s 9 or less
  • Large:Men’s 8½  or more – or if you have a decent arch and are even a size 7½
  • XL:Men’s 11 or above, unless you are flat footed (in that case choose a large or even a medium).

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