Optimal Health & Wellness 

The Nutritional Supports Dr. Walsdorf created for 4 Element Lifestyle are great in so many ways.  He has searched hard over the years to find the best products for his patients. For well over two decades he has been using Pure Encapsulations products with excellent success for people with a wide variety of health issues.

As Dr. W tells his patients: “A little knowledge can be dangerous”.  The point is that while we all know that vitamins and minerals are important, we often don’t know what kind of formulations are best – or even bad.  You’ll understand this more as you read Dr. W’s comments on various products.

For now, know this: all those supplements that come well- marketed – usually spouting a name that you have come to trust – are often made with formulations of vitamins and minerals that simply are not good for you.  The products we carry are so much better than what you’ll find in your drugstore – and typically what is found online as well.

Pure Encapsulations works with integrity as it formulates its products; it uses the best ingredients. Still, the costs are reasonable – especially as you realize that their ingredients are not the cheaply synthesized, and even dangerous ones used in the drugstore brands. Just for the record, Pure Encapsulations does not allow us to discount their products. Therefore, we provide free shipping and will double your 4 Element Lifestyle loyalty points for the Pure Encapsulations products you purchase. 

While it’s best to begin with a base of a multivitamin-mineral that you’ll find when you click on Men’s, Women’s, Child’s, Athlete’s – you don’t have to, especially if your diet is good.  That said, you might want to consider one of the “daily packs”.  Dr. W finds that they help people follow-through with their positive intentions and build healing momentum.

Either way, refer to the list for a particular health issue you want to focus on.  Come up with a budget that works for you over the next 3-8 months.  If you are not getting the results you want, perhaps add something more, which might help you reach a healing critical mass. 

Another option is to join Dr. Walsdorf’s Family of Patients program, whereupon you will gain access to his recommendations designed specifically for you. You can click here for more info on this special online program.