Essential Oils... Biochemical Wonders

Essential oils hold within themselves many of life’s biochemical wonders… which you can tap into and use toward reaching important goals.  This would include living a more balanced, stress-free and inspired life.


Life-Positive Forces

Most essential oils come from the flowers of plants.  Think of flowers as the most evolved portion of each plant.  Flowers express the highest-most evolved dimensions of the plant kingdom.  A flower’s fragrance puts these life-positive forces into biochemical terms that your nose is meant to sense and use to help you.

4 Element Balanced

Dr. Walsdorf has been working with plants and essential oils for over 3 decades. He has created many of our essential oil blends, using the four element system to create new and powerfully positive olfactory and spirit-renewing experiences!

Primitive but Positive Forces

As you explore using essential oils in one or more of our diffusers (and our skin products), explore, too, the fragrances of flowers out there in your world right now. Let your nose help you feel those primitive but positive forces of life.  For some it’s a part of living a four element life.

4 Element Balanced  Essential Oils

Our approach to essential oils is to create Balanced Pairings. We believe that combining any more than two or three different essential oils can limit your ability to feel the energetics of each. It can also interfere with the relationship created between each formula.


Each oil is composed of sub-principles that get lost when combined with too many essential oils. That said, we have two oils – Clary Sage and Tangerine – that you can add to any pairing, as you see fit.  Both are adaptable, energetically positive, and playful.  

Our Simplest Diffusers

As you are about to see, there are a variety of ways to get these essential oils into your immediate environment. As you might notice, for a modest investment you can have a few different diffusers in your life. This makes it easier to get into the routine where you let your nose draw upon these positive energies of life.

The simplest is a glass container of some sort with some reeds poking out. The reeds have hollows that allow it to slowly wick the oil.

These are pleasant enough for having on hand for a certain kind of moment, call it a more primitive one. Most people would do best to make that investment to something more.

Next up might be a clay diffuser where a candle is put below the ceramic oil tray, vaporizing the essential oil for a nose and its delight.

Enjoy Your Home More

The Power of Essential Oils & Herbs

Imagine there is a Oneness to all of Creation, and that the different parts of Nature each had a particular part to play in creating and maintaining that Oneness as it expresses itself on this wondrously productive and beautiful planet.

Nature’s “four elements” – the sun’s fire, the air, the waters of our world, and solid ground – are the founding elements of Nature. Importantly they express an cardinal, or primal set of “cosmic principles”.  These four continue to be needed to maintain the primal Oneness as this same Oneness was fractured to allow for a Creation.

These four “got the ball rolling”. The herbs of Nature express a whole set of ancillary principles that preserve the essential Oneness as (the cosmos through) Nature became ever more dynamically complex, productively diverse and beautiful.

Herbal medicine works with the mindset that herbs express these principles through their chemical make-up, and that Nature is a reservoir of these herbal principles.  As it turns out, we can tap into these “principles of life” by engaging the herbs of Nature. Modern medicine has little use for this ancient wisdom, which says that herbs embody life’s wholeness-giving (healing) forces.

Today’s lifestyle and way of thinking gives little attention to this as well. That is why it is incumbent upon each of us to make some effort to tap into the healing powers of Nature’s herbs on our own. 4 Element Lifestyle is here as a resource in this important endeavor.

Few people know that many drugs were originally derived from herbs. Digitalis, a drug for the heart, is from the foxglove family of herbs. Even metformin, used commonly for type 2 Diabetes was originally derived from the herb goat’s rue.


Today, drug companies scour the plant kingdom for herbal components that have positive physiological actions in us. Because herbs and their natural components cannot be patented, drug companies change the chemical formula just a little and then patent it as a drug.

But here is the 4 Element-perspective on this – or for that matter, the perspective of all those who see herbs in a more holistic way: isolating one chemical from a plant’s other biochemical components creates an imbalanced product. In many ways that is exactly what defines a drug.

On the other hand, each herb is composed of a variety or spectrum of “herbal principles”. Taken as a whole, these give the herb its full balance of positive influence on us. While there may be dominant parts of that spectrum of herbal components – a dominant “herbal principle” – most herbs have components that work synergistically together to bring forward their fullest positive effect.

Essential oils are those oil-soluble components of herbs that can be distilled out of it. Many are fragrant, which permits us to engage that herb in a more conscious ways as we draw in their biochemically-framed herbal principles in through our nose.

Try using essential oils in one of our attractive small glass containers with one or more reeds put into them to diffuse the oil into your environment.  Or create a spray – just a few drops in a small spray bottle of water. There are also diffusers for your car! Using essential oils in this way is probably the easiest way to bring some of the higher energies of Nature into your life.