The Power of Nitrogen to Improve Sex (and Even Your Heart)

You’ve likely heard of nitroglycerine to improve blood flow to the heart, but could there be something comparable for our special male part? While many men have tried Viagra for their male member, there are more natural remedies. Let’s talk about them now.

In the late 90s, research unexpectedly uncovered an essential new piece of information about how your blood vessels work. They discovered that small amounts of nitric oxide are produced all over the body.  Wherever this nitric oxide was produced by cells it helped those cells stay healthy. 

More and more you will be hearing about nitric oxide’s importance in fighting Alzheimer’s disease, diabetic neuropathy, heart disease and circulation issues to the sex organs – male and female. 

For the subject at hand, it does all this through its unique ability to dilate your arteries and capillaries. This comes as the walls of the blood vessels become more flexible and let healthy normal body physiologies happen. One of the most important findings about them was that free radicals of oxygen (superoxides) inhibited nitric oxide’s creation by the body.

The significance of this gaseous compound, nitric oxide, to single-handedly increase the blood’s restorative circulation to organs and distressed body tissues, has been hailed as one of the single most important physiological game changers for how we can help distressed tissues to heal.

Holistic Concept: From a 4 Element Nutrition perspective, each atomic element – whether it be the mineral zinc or the gaseous atom oxygen expresses a principle. Each of these principles works in balance with the others to maintain the whole. Nature is this whole on the macro level; these principles create a whole on another level that is particularly relevant to us, our body.

While “the 4 Elements” express the first four of these principles, there are many more principles that build your health and sustain the vitality you have at every moment of your day. Oxygen would represent one of these every-moment-needed principles. 

Nitrogen, another gaseous atomic element, or principle, creates amino acids (and their protein chains) when added to life’s organic chemistries. Nitric oxide represents that principle (or physiological process) that permits the body to bring increased nourishment to local cells. In other words, while our blood vessels allow for the general circulation of blood (and all its nutrients), nitric oxide facilitates these nutrients to be brought into the local environment by way of dilating local capillaries. This dilation of local capillaries do much to help things to happen “on the ground”, where life’s important activities occur – including the dilation of blood vessels for an erection in this case. The continuation of life depends upon this important nitric acid activity.

Action Step: Because nitric oxide production depends upon the availability of arginine, eating nuts, greens like spinach and kale, sunflower seeds are especially useful; the inner rind of watermelon has a lot of citruline, which the body can use to create arginine. Benefit can be gained by one of our nitric oxide supports as well.

Because superoxide free radicals block this nitric oxide production, you need to ensure that you have a diet rich in plant polyphenols (found in many pigmented fruits and vegetables). Grape seed extract and ginkgo extracts have been found particularly useful to keep these superoxides down. Other factors that hamper nitric oxide production include hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, ageing, smoking, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles.