Fire is the highest of the elements and expresses itself as the sun’s light and the spiritual force of Creation. It operates as your brain and nerves. Whether through humankind’s spiritual ideals, our appreciation of color’s beauty, or the heat we use to prepare our meals, Fire and its light speaks powerfully to humankind


Air is the power behind the Chinese concept of “chi”.  It speaks of Creation’s upward-directed force, and the principle of self-empowerment.  Air’s agents within us are our muscles. They give us our self-empowerment – permitting us to move through Air (space).


Water speaks of the nourishing energies of life – and the wholesome foods and healthy beverages that are meant to create our blood. Because your digestive organs, kidneys and other visceral organs work to keep your internal river strong, they’re involved in Life’s Water circuit, too.


Earth is the principle of hardness and solidity, finding its home as your bones and giving your body its deepest physicality. Earth pushes us to deal with daily mundane things and helps us build routines so we can manifest our dreams and goals.

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