About Us

4ElementLifestyle.com is designed for those looking to move from the stress and imbalance of our times – to a more holistic, healthy and balanced life. We are here to you  incorporate an ancient wisdom that few people today know about. 

Understanding how the four elements manifest not only as the sun, air, water and terra firma of our planet, but also within ourselves can help you overcome illness and live a more robust, successful and fun-filled life.


4ElementLifestyle.com provides vitamins and supplements, horoscopes, its own line of organic herbal teas, spices and rubs, soaps, skin care products, and more. Look for news of our soon-to-be-introduced 4Element Journey App which will provide the tools you need to bring the Four Elements into your everyday life! 

All profits from purchases help fund NaturalAmerica.org and The Four Element Institute – two important organizations that are working in innovative ways to renew America’s natural sensibilities.

Part of what makes 4 Element Lifestyle unique is that it was created by a leader in the holistic field for over 30 years, Dr. Howard Walsdorf. He continues in active practice today and has personally formulated and chosen the products on the site. 

About Dr. W

Dr. Walsdorf, a holistic chiropractor for over 35 years, is on a mission – to help people rediscover an ancient four-element wisdom that integrates Nature, health, and personal growth.

Dr. Howard Walsdorf has maintained a nutrition and biomechanically-based chiropractic practice in Syracuse, NY for more than 30 years. Still in active practice, he’s on the leading-edge of holistic research that combines ancient nature-based insights with modern scientific knowledge.

He is known for the Holistic Biomechanics Model he developed, which helps people appreciate and understand their human body– and helps doctors and physical therapists treat their patients more effectively. He is also the developer of 4 Element Yoga, which builds upon his own longtime yoga history. 4 Element Yoga draws the four elements into one’s exercising time – directing their life-positive forces into problematic body regions. He has also created Four Element Nutrition, which helps people to see food in a new and holistic way.

Dr W is the author of Fire, Air, Water & Earth: Apply an Ancient Wisdom to Your Life. He has created a free Holistic Learning Program (GrowingHolistically.com). Dr. W is also the Executive Director of the Four Element Institute, which researches and applies holistic four element thinking to issues of our time.

With his goal of helping busy people bring more health and balance into their lives, he has created the online company, www.4ElementLifestyle.com, whose profits support the Institute.

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