Meet Dr. W

Dr. Walsdorf, a holistic Chiropractor since 1983, is on a mission. Part of it involves helping his patients, who notice that his ability to tap into a set of deep natural healing energies sets him apart from most doctors. People with a wide variety of health problems come to see him in his office or do virtual office visits with him.

The healing approach he uses is called the 4 Element Natural Healing System, and was created over his many years of working with patients. Still, this 4 Element Natural Healing System is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Dr. W’s mission. His larger mission is to help Americans live healthier, more balanced and inspired lives.

Many people find his strategy for accomplishing his mission goals both interesting and intriguing. That’s because it builds upon an ancient wisdom. The Ancients sensed that Nature’s four elements – Fire (the sun), Air, Water and Earth – expressed a cosmic pattern involving four primal “spiritual principles”. Dr. W is here to bring that four element wisdom back.

There is a life-changing power that comes as you learn how to tap into those four elemental, life-positive forces. He knows the more that people do, the more their bodies will heal and their spirits will become stronger. People see Dr. W as not only a doctor but as a visionary as he works tirelessly to help people heal and regain  “their natural sensibilities”. This website is geared upon doing so.