So You Get Sick Often

After the stomach, it is problems with the immune system that are the most common health complaint among my patients. These immune problems can be causing anything from a recurrent sore throat, lung infections, ear problems for their children, to sinus infections, bladder and digestive problems and even cancer. 

While you can get infections that can be life-threatening like internal organ infections, MERS and cellulitis – more often these immune system issues tend to wear you down, deplete your ability to stay positive and energized through your day.

What are your options? 

You can continue in the medical model of taking antibiotics on a regular basis, or you can join as others who have tapped into the power of Nature’s awesome foursome. As you will continually learn on this site, Fire, Air, Water and Earth show up as more than just the four elements of Nature; they are principles that show up as a set of four primal body physiologies and their related body tissues:

  • Nerves with their physiology of directing the body through electrical fire
  • Muscles and the physiology of contractibility and movement through space
  • Blood and its distribution of the nourishment needed for all the underlying biochemical physiologies of life
  • Bone and the physiologies that build all tissue structure
  • The takeaway point is that your immune system is defendant upon these 4 Elements of health working within you.  

The 4 Element Way Back to Health:

Fire: Have a goal, an intention, be clear with it. The nervous system is your body’s Fire element, to help you focus your intent into your body

Air: Read interesting and upbeat things almost every day. Watch videos that teach you something useful, interesting; yin Air is Intellectual buoyancy

Water: Develop your “natural sensibilities”.  Drink natural beverages, especially teas (look into our 4 Element Tea Collection), take nutritional supports if appropriate – see our 4E Nutritionals to use what Dr. W gives his patients!

Earth: Go outside and take a walk with good heel strikes, and/or do a set of three to five minute 4 Element Yoga maneuvers at least 3 to 5 times a day if you can. This brings the power of the 4Es into that dis-eased part of you, healing it.

Different cultures focused on these principles in different ways.  For example, part of the power of the shaman and witch doctor was to strengthen within a tribe, the spiritual intention of the Fire element. Even the dancing around the campfire may have had positive impact by having people move in a different way than normal – helping their bodies translate in, as 4 Element Yoga does, these healing principles.

4 Element Concept:

Perhaps the most important way people have been helping their immune systems since time immemorial has been through their exploration of Nature’s herbal kingdom. In doing so, our ancestors used herbs to strengthen the body’s “Water circuit”. Keep in mind that all early medicines came from Nature. Many were herbs that helped a child fight off an infection.  

Action Step:

Read through the different nutritional supports I recommend to learn more about how to tap into this Water element agency of Nature and the herbal tradition of humankind.

The need to get well after becoming sick – especially for a child – was the major driving force for the development of medicines. Unfortunately, medicine lacks the wholesome balance of principles, which herbs give. Keep in mind that many of these herbs were studied for the purposes of strengthening the immune system. As you see, we have herbs for both children and yourself to help the body’s immune system to become stronger.