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If you are looking for self-improvement, you will gain much from getting your horoscope done by us. Astrology takes that biblical notion that we are each made in God’s image seriously.  Furthermore, with it’s “as above, so below” concept, it sees the heavenly cosmos as manifesting the glory of our Creator.  The circular span of moving stars and planets above us marks out a cosmic order that we are part of, and caught within.

And It’s Four Element Based!

Interestingly, many people do not even realize that astrology is four element based. Along these lines, most people do not realize that the four suits to our playing cards began as Tarot cards – which clearly are also based on the four elements. This is mentioned to help you know that these four have found their way into our lives in a variety of practical and fun, socially-bonding ways.
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Are you a Fire, Air, Water or Earth Sign?

Our horoscopes will help you to understand your sign – and its element. However, they speak to much more than just your sun sign. Our Journey of a Lifetime chart is about 15 pages long – chock full of personal information that will give you insights about yourself for years to come. There are other horoscopes for relationships, your child, and for how your birth chart relates to things yet to come. They’re all truly remarkable.

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Astrology’s “Twelve-ness”

Astrology helps us to see the four elements in the context of 12.  Here I refer to the astrologers’ division of the cosmos into twelve parts.  In our holistic version of reality – patterns like the four repeat and even build up into larger ones like this one of 12 parts.

There are not seven or eight or ten or twenty parts in the astrologer’s zodiac pattern.  With twelve we get a number that like eight is divisible by four – which means that the power of four is in it.  More than eight however, twelve has the power of three pulsing through it as well.

Astrology shows us how 12 takes each of our four elements beyond just its yin and yang expression (as in eight). With twelve, each of our 4 Elements not only get a yin and yang expression but are also expressed in a form that aligns with that triangular force, which comes after the yin and yang of Two – Water’s Interconnectedness Principle.

In astrology then, each of the four elements has three expressions – and hence finds its way to prop up three signs of the zodiac. In a similar way, each of the four elements creates three parts to our human psychology.  There is an aspect of our psychology that relates to each of the element’s yang, or as astrology calls it, its cardinal expression; another psychological part of us relates to each element’s yin, or fixed expression, and thirdly, each element has what astrology calls its mutable expression. The 12 signs of the zodiac represent a cycle built as Three and Four come together in this way.

This great cosmic cycle begins with Ares and ends with Pisces.  Between the two runs the full gamut of the cosmos and our human condition.  The fundamental energies of the universe, God, and your own life, express the power of the 4 Elements acting in yin, yang and mutable (inter-connective/striving for balance) ways.

Astrology takes this zodiac concept further and says that our individual psychological traits are connected to the interplay of planets and the stars cycling above us. Still, within all this dynamic motion, the whole of our human condition and the heavens are built upon the same fundamental building blocks – Creation’s 4 Elements.  We are all moved and swayed as their energies, principles, forces, and ideals interact within the larger field we are all a part of.

Even if you see no reason why astrology should work, know this: the power of the 4 Elements cannot help but have these yin and yang natures, and do have something akin to what the astrologer calls mutable expressionsRegardless of whether stars or planets influence the drive of these elemental principles into our lives, we are all built upon the way they work within us.

In other words, even if you do not believe in astrology, there is still much insight to be gained by understanding its principles.  One particularly important principle is that there are 12 primary parts to our psychological and spiritual whole. Each person has allof these twelve parts within themselves – yang (or cardinal) Fire, yin (or fixed) Water, mutable Earth, as examples – playing out in their own psychology.

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