Hair, Skin, Nails and Silica

What unifies this threesome is that they exist on the outer sides of your body, and that they are used in grooming yourself.  While the skin helps to create the physical boundary between you and the world, your hair helps create your outward identity, and your nails give you a set of sharp edges to manipulate the world beyond.

There is an entire beauty industry built upon our collective concerns about these parts of our bodies. While we at 4 Element Lifestyle are developing our own products in the natural beauty part of our website, here let’s look at these parts of you from a holistic, even spiritual context.

From a 4 Element perspective, these surfaces of your body relate most intensely to the wellness of the highest of your 4 Elements, your Fire element. In the polar context of Fire and Earth, while the Earth element shows up as your bones (which lie at your core), the Fire element shows up at the opposite pole, your body’s surface. 

With that said, there is a yin and a yang to Fire. The yang force of Fire is your outgoing action – your equivalent to the power in the sun’s rays of light that radiate out from its surface to create change in the world beyond. 

The yin force of Fire is expressed as your surface – the glisten of your hair, the glow of your skin – that people take in as they perceive who you are. Interestingly, according to mathematical theories, the surface of something (like your skin) is where all the information of a system (who you are) is localized. The holistic paradigm would say something similar.

Holistic Concept: Your hair and skin’s health is tied to your nervous system state. 

According to 4 Element Medicine, while bones are the body tissue that expresses Earth, nerves are the body tissue that expresses Fire.  

While skin is composed of other tissues besides nerves, skin (and hair) has been shown to be particularly affected by the state of your nervous system, what is going on in your brain. Perhaps the main reason is because your skin and hair, as we saw above, also express Fire due to their surface dimension.

It is useful to know this too: on the highest level your spirit is the Fire within you. Often, the most spiritually minded people have skin and hair issues in part because they are working most exclusively on higher-level spiritual things. The condition of their surface elements will often relate to the spiritual issues at hand.

Action Step: If you have skin or hair problems, do things to calm your nervous system. Try one of our stress formulas, meditate or do 4 Element Breathing exercises each day, go for walks to release stress build up.