Raising Healthy Children

Children are the most metabolically active of all.  While their young bodies are generally resilient and ready to be healthy, they are still vulnerable to what we as a culture and as parents feed them.  That’s why I recommend getting them on one or more of the 4E Nutritionals we have.  Our multivitamin-minerals come in a variety of forms – capsules, chewable tablets and liquid forms.  Look at the product descriptions to gain a sense of each one’s particular qualities.  

What make these especially good are their minerals and the balance of their vitamins.  There are no artificial colors or flavors as you will find in many of the mass market vitamins on store shelves.  You’ll note that only one has contains iron in it.  The reason is twofold. There are two reasons: One is that iron is the leading cause of fatal poisoning in children.  Secondly, and there is controversy in as to the value of iron in supports.  Iron can create causes free radicals in your body and some studies show that it iron can increases the infectious processes of some bacteria. For these reasons you’ll notice that many of our multis multivitamins do not have are iron free.  The only people who may really need to take iron are young people and menstruating females. 

Junior Nutrients
This is a great product for your children (or grandchildren) age 4 and up.  I generally recommend this for children up to age twelve or so – and to take 2 capsules a day at breakfast time.  At about age 12, I suggest moving your child to Nutrient 950.  Both supplements provide vitamins and minerals in forms that their body can best absorb and use.  Again, it is so much better than most any store-bought vitamin, and reasonably priced.  

Pure Pals Chewable
This is a great chewable tablet for children ages 2 to 4.  Unlike so many other chewables, there are no added sugars; its natural cherry flavor will be enjoyed (and appreciated) by your child.  

Pure Pals Chewable with Iron
As discussed in the Pure Pals above, this includes iron – that is the only difference.  Unless you sense that your child is going to chew more than 2 a day, this is probably the way to go.  More significant in past iron overdose to toddlers and young children is going into mommy’s prenatal vitamins, which generally have more iron than most vitamins to prevent anemia.

Nutrient 950 with Iron
This is superb for teenagers of all ages, for women while they are menstruating, and for men up until their 40s – after which they might want to shift to Men’s or Women’s Nutrients, Polyphenol Nutrients, or Longevity Nutrients.  If you are a non-menstruating female athlete, or a male athlete of any age, you might want to use Athletic Nutrients.  As you will read in my dosage recommendations for this great line of supplements, you should take between 4 and 6 of them a day, best with meals.  The reason is simple: they are all filled with a lot of great things.  Your mass market supplements contain cheap, inexpensive forms of minerals that are simple salts of the included minerals.  Whether calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc or the like – there are terrible (truly health-destroying) ways to formulate these minerals and ways that are safe and effective for helping the body absorb and use them.  As I tell my patients, “A little knowledge can sometimes be dangerous”.  Thinking you are helping yourself by taking the national brands constantly advertised, is indeed dangerous.  

O.N.E. Multivitamin
When I first discovered this “one-a-day” product, I was surprised when I went through its ingredient listing.  No other one-a-day that I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot) is as good as this one!  The amounts of most vitamins  and minerals are ample.  However, you may notice that it lacks calcium and magnesium. In order to make this a great multi, they took these two minerals out. If you want to have calcium and magnesium, consider taking our Cal-Mag a few times a week.  Just for the record, this even has reasonably high amounts of Coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid – both great ingredients to have in a supplement.  Very reasonably priced, and so easy to take – if you don’t want to splurge for the other more premium supports, buy this one!

DHA Enhance
Children’s brains are ready – ready to learn new things, grow those neural connections.  Did you know that the brain is mostly oil?  That’s why oils are so important for us – and our children.  Use good oils in your diet, and if possible give your children some fish oil supports – especially those with DHA.  

As it turns out there are two main omega 3 oils (the valuable component of fish oil).  The EPA portion is particularly good for inflammation control, and the DHA portion is especially valuable for brain health.  Studies have shown the DHA levels in the brain will influence intelligence, ability for children to maintain a healthy emotional state (not become overly anxious, stressed or distracted).  Great gains in our educational system could probably be made if there was a concerted effort to improve the oils that children in schools had in their lunches.  In the meantime, it is worthwhile to use our DHA Enhance product.

Probiotic 123
I recommend having this somewhere in your refrigerator, so when your child seems to have a GI problem, or was put on antibiotics, or is being exposed to his friends germs, he or she has a better immune system and GI barrier to bad things getting into his or her body.  Inexpensive and useful to a holistic, health-oriented family!