Memory and Mental Alertness

Your brain plays an essential part in your well-being, your health, even the sense of who you are.  Unfortunately, more and more people are experiencing issues with their brain.  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, strokes,… are all creating significant setbacks for many today – or are of concern to those who are getting older and are fearing the future of their brain.  Here are Dr. Walsdorf’s recommendations for promoting brain health:

Memory Pro
I like Memory Pro because it contains a combination of great herbs and other natural supports that work to make the brain more resilient and stronger in function.  In a support like this one there is often a health-creating synergy – a positive coming together of various herbal components – as the various “herbal principles are joined together.  It’s that sum is greater than its parts kind of thing.  This is a good support for both the old and the youthful.  It supports the brain for those who are pushing their brains to be smarter and for those who are striving to get their brain to maintain (and even renew) itself.

I recommend taking 3 a day with meals; if your budget allows it and you are having significant brain issues, I’d take 3 two to three times per day.  While the amounts of the ginkgo and other ingredients are reasonably high, I find that more is better in many cases.

If you are an older person with brain issues, you might want to add a capsule of our PS Plus, which is 150mg of phosphatidylserine.  There is some of this valuable brain nutrient in Memory Pro, but one capsule of PS100 has what nine capsules of Memory Pro has in regard to the memory- helping nutrient, phosphatidylserine 

Fish Oil

PS Plus
Phosphatidylserine is the most abundant phospholipid in the brain.  These phospholipids are what create the dynamic but stable function of each of our brain cells’ outer wall, its cell membrane.  This is critically important and generally little appreciated by the average person seeking health.  Collectively, it is this family of oil-based molecules that make the brain mostly composed of oils.  While most people that know about this buy lecithin, which is a phosphatidylcholine, PS has been shown to be more effective for the brain to gain these important phospholipids.  In fact PS is the only cognitive health nutrient to have gained a qualified FDA health claim – saying that consumption of PS may reduce the risk of dementia or cognitive dysfunction in the elderly. 

Also in this product are some very useful extracts from blueberry, strawberry and spinach, which have been shown to help the brain with such things as receptor function, GABA and dopamine release. Take 1-2 capsules a day with meals.  

 EPA/DHA Essentials
Though DHA is the omega 3 oil best for the brain, the high amount of it in one capsule makes this a great support not only for the brain, but for the whole body – and at a good price.  It’s a high quality, eco-friendly version of omega 3 fish oils – and is tested for mercury, lead, PCBs and just about everything else that can be to ensure its safety.  Inexpensive fish oils you can buy elsewhere are generally not as well tested as Pure Encapsulations’. 

Take 1 or 2 each day; give one to your child each day.  Again, their brains depend upon this kind of oil to help increase function and resilience.

 Cod Liver Oil (Lemon Flavor)
Cod liver oil is possibly one of the best old-time remedies for keeping people healthy.  And possibly the most cost-efficient way to do so, insofar as it gives you the important EPA and DHA omega 3 oils at high amounts at the lowest price.  And, too, there is Vitamin D that we all seem to need.  And it really doesn’t taste bad with its lemon flavor.  Even if you don’t take a spoon of it every day, try to take it at least 3-4 days a week.