Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is a complex, controversial neuro-behavioral problem that shows up as distractibility, impulsiveness, and often hyperactivity.  It affects almost 5% of children, mostly boys, and usually begins by the age of 7.  There is a genetic predisposition that may be present, as well as exposure to toxins like lead and mercury and various drugs, and poor prenatal nutrition. Early intervention is key to helping children with this problem. 

Making careless mistakes due to attention issues, avoiding tasks that require sustained mental effort, distraction by extraneous stimuli, seeming to not listen when spoken to, excessive squirming, excessive and impulsive talking, difficulty awaiting turn and interruption of others are all symptoms.

For a child suspected of having ADHD it is important to have a hair test to eliminate heavy metal toxicity, especially lead or mercury. Often they will show abnormal fasting glucose tolerance tests, which indicates a connection to poor carbohydrate metabolism (consider a high protein diet). Test for food allergies – especially wheat gluten, lactose intolerance and red dye sensitivity. Often there will be low levels of dopamine and MHPG (breaks down norepinephrine). 

One study I read showed that the hair levels of lead of children that teachers rated as having attention deficit had significantly higher levels of lead – a good reason for them to take our HM Detox product.

In one double blind study, hyperactive children were given between 200 and 300 mg. of magnesium each day.  They had statistically better improvements than the control. Good nutrition will supply some of these important nutritional supports. Various studies have found that particular foods trigger episodes in 4/5 of these children.

I recommend trying a strict (or near strict) ketogenic diet.  This will provide good oils and fats, which are important for the brain, and will eliminate nearly all of the major offending foods.

If you are being treated by a chiropractor using Standard Process, consider getting your child on 6 Catalyn, 2 OPC Synergy, 1-3 Neurotrophin, 3-6 Min-tran per day, and some extra magnesium, maybe even a little Prolamine iodine, possibly Cataplex G and B to improve the flow of nerve energy information within your child.