Coping with Allergies and Boosting Your Line of Defense

If you’re an allergy sufferer you know allergies can wreak havoc in your daily life- and that’s nothing to sneeze at! Sneezingwheezingrunny nose, and itchy, watery, red eyes — these are just some of the symptoms that millions of us face each year as the pollen from trees, grass, flowers, and plants makes their way into the air. We have great products for both allergies and the immune system.  Our products are not so much focused on vitamins as they are upon special extracts of certain herbs, even mushrooms.  


If you suffer from allergies, this is the product to have. While some of my patients take it most of the year, others use it only during peak allergy times.  It contains quercetin, which many studies show is a natural anti-histamine.  The herb Indian timospora helps with healthy nasal function; other components work against cytokine-mediated inflammation. 

Daily Immune

As you look at the ingredients you’ll see just how loaded it is with a variety of useful components.  I like to have it around when I feel any inkling of a cold coming on.  I will also go through times when I take it for a few months just to bring a lot of good things into my body.  I’ll take two of them once a day when I do.  A great product to add to any multivitamin you might be taking.  

Immune Support Liquid

This is a great syrup to have around, especially if you have children.  It’s loaded with a variety of immune-boosting natural compounds.  I’m really impressed with its formulation; my patients with children really value it.

MRS Mushroom Formula

I go through periods where I take this each day or week.  It contains the extracts of three very valuable mushroom species in it.  Mushrooms like these have a whole different set of compounds within them than plants.  One of these compounds is a class of biochemistries called polysaccharides.  They’re long chained sugar-like compounds that keep the immune system balanced, better modulated by way of their powerful life-positive principles.