Growing Holistically is here to meet you where you are. As you will discover there is a a depth to what Fire, Air, Water and Earth can teach us – and to how we can tap into their life-positive forces. To be frank, it is not easy be the conveyor of these important concepts when   our culture has been so deprived of this foursome’s significance in our physical, mental and spiritual growth – and health. 

While I try to educate my patients on these life-positive elemental principles that nature shows us as the sun, air, water and solid ground, I cannot too often take the time to go into detail on them. This Patreon platform is my way that I’m seeking to accomplish that task of helping you understand them so you can “become the best you can be”. And truly, whether you are conscious of it or not, your life is a balance of this foursome. You have a much greater chance of becoming the best you can be when you are conscious of what these four principles-forces-energies-elements of life exactly are.

I recommend that you begin with the Learning Program I developed. I’ve been told that its video format, with all its nicely illustrated portions, does much to awaken one’s intuitive awareness that there’s something important about nature’s four elements. 

There is also a growing number of informative videos in my Holistic Advise for Your Pain and Health Issues Series. Some focus on nutrition, others on  4 Element Yoga maneuvers I’ve developed over the years for various health issues and musculoskeletal problems. Along those lines, there is a group of videos that is more specifically oriented to what I believe will become a leading-edge way of exercising, 4 Element Yoga, Level 1.

As a member you also get Early Release access to “Dr. W’s Quick Minute” videos. These short videos are there to give you useful bursts of positive health information, encouragement and community. You’ll notice that I will often use the four elements to give an important part of your life (or our human condition) a new context. More and more people are enjoying this context, finding it a refreshing antidote against the overly materialistic forces coming at us today.

Before long we’re hoping to have a really cool phone/desk app that will help you build good routines in your life – all within this same four element context. Keep an eye out for that! Please let others know about us; so much is possible as more and more people rediscover this ancient four element wisdom.