Power Each Element Within Yourself

Using 4 Element Yoga to Draw the Power of Each Element into Your Body 

Moving your body in the axis connected to an element empowers the particular body-strengthening physiology that relates to that element.  In other words, as you move in the axis relating to Water – the side-to-side sways of the x-axis – you can bring the nourishing, nutrient-filled waters of blood into local tissues.  

As you move in the vertical y-axis – lifting different parts of your body in the direction that Air rises – you strengthen the chi, or muscular empowerment, of the 4 Element Yoga entrance area.    These upwardly focused Air movements remove structural strain and help build resilience in local tissues.

As you move in the z-axis – the back-to-front dimension of our lives – you improve body organization.  The body is organized from back to front – the direction that we generally move.  From our feet to our brains, the body is oriented to move and organize itself from its back to its front.  

While blood and nourishment is the expression of Water, and muscles are the expression of Air, nerves are the expression of Fire.  4 Element Yoga maneuvers that focus you on back-to-front motions help nerves direct and organize that moving region of the body.  This is good for our general health, recovery from an injury, or for the renewal of over-strained and diseased tissue.

Lastly we have Earth and its inwardly directed motions.  The isometric, pressing inward maneuvers of 4 Element Yoga translates Earth’s power.  As mentioned, Earth is expressed in us as bone.  Interestingly, bones are strengthened by isometric actions such as one’s heel strike while walking: the bone-strengthening physiology of the bones’ osteoblasts is stimulated by a piezoelectric current that is created when solid parts of you (like your heels) press into something hard.

I created 4 Element Yoga to help my patients heal not only their arthritis and various musculoskeletal pains, but also their deeper health issues.  I find that the more a patient understands the how and why of 4 Element Yoga, the more they build it into their routine.  I highly recommend that you read the different articles about it.  Many will help you understand the how and why for pumping life’s power into your own body’s weaker links.