We learned earlier that blood – the red river that flows through every creature with bones – does much to let the Water Principle nourish life. Every cell ultimately taps into this river to get its nutrients. Blood depends upon us feeding it with food. There is a threesome often seen when this third principle, Water, is in strong play. Here it is the triad of blood, food and the visceral organs. Those organs, with their digesting, their pumping and filtering of blood serve as the watery intermediaries between food and blood. Blood, on the other hand, is the watery intermediary between food and our billions of cells. And food is the intermediary between ourselves and the energy of Creation, the Sun, Nature.

The force of this more primitive (than Fire and Air) Water Principle can motivate us to eat less when we are sick, or push us to cleanse our body of the accumulated toxins that we feel clogging us up. And of course it would also push us to eat wholesome, vitalizing food.

Paying attention to the source of our blood’s power – food – is especially necessary today because we are at a time when so much of what calls itself food is not filled with life-positive things. The sad irony of our times is that although there is great abundance in our land, so much of it is not wholesome, or even good for us.

Four Element Nutrition is a way of applying four element thinking to understand the how and why of eating better. Returning to the concept of the modern and primitive poles of our human condition, remember that our body is the most primitive part of us. It needs to connect to the primitive part of the greater world, Nature.