There is no substitute for Green Drinks to get nutrients easily and economically into your body. You would have to take 10 to 30 pills or capsules to get the amount of nutrition that is in a serving of these drinks. Further, they are well absorbed because they are in an aqueous state, ready to be taken in by the body. The 4E products are all-organic and much easier and less expensive than juicing your own. If you’re serious about bringing the positive power of Nature into your body, using our green drinks regularly is the way to go.

There are two main groups of Green Drinks. The difference is their protein level. The protein version of them – RAW MEAL product – should be thought of as an incredibly healthy, low calorie meal replacement. The Green and Berry drinks should be thought of as an inexpensive, tasty, and quick pick-me-up. All the powders in this category mix easily into energizing tonics (no blender required) that allow you to draw lots of nourishment into yourself on a frequent basis.

There are five main constituents that compose the “green parts” of each of powders we sell.

1) Juices. Various grasses, like oats, wheat, barley, and/or a non-grass like alfalfa. There is something in young grasses and other plants that is particularly tonifying to your body. It’s that innate wisdom that may have pushed you as a kid to chew on the fleshy bottoms of grass as you hung out on summer days with your friends.

2) Plant fibers. Preferably water-soluble as opposed to the coarser cellulose as noticed in such things as celery and many whole grains. While these coarse water-insoluble fibers are still good for you, research indicates the water soluble ones are better. For one, they act as prebiotics – serving as food sources for beneficial bacteria in your colon.

3) Vegetables and fruits. In all colors and varieties help bring a wide variety of natural plant nutrients into your body. More and more research is finding that the natural components of fruits and vegetables have powerful anti-inflammatory constituents, anti-cancer components and body vitalizing biochemistries.

4) Concentrates of various herbs like green tea, curcumin, aloe vera, or milk thistle. Here we’re talking about plants that have health-giving principles that are a bit more specifically oriented to different systems of the body – circulatory, digestion, liver and detoxification, brain and your nervous system.

5) Good bacteria and helpful plant enzymes. Many Green Drinks will have a few different strains of good bacteria to help your colon. These bacteria are meant to find a home in your large intestine. They have been shown to affect a wide swath of our biochemical well being. This includes our mental state – most of the serotonin that keeps the brain more mellow is made by the bacteria in our colon! These bacteria can help reduce inflammation in the body; they make vitamin K and other important nutrients for us. The second subgroup here, the plant enzymes, work to help us digest our food. Cooking and prepared foods kill many of these enzymes that help our own body to get nutrients out of our foods.

These five components – grass juice concentrates, plant fiber, plant and fruit concentrates, plant (herb) extracts, and probiotics-enzymes – are found in most of the good Green Drinks.

The meal replacement “Green Shakes” often are not green in color. They are the color of the chocolate or other ingredients that compose a part of them. Either way, they are more than half made up of protein concentrates. These may be whey (from milk) or from another source like soy, or better yet as in the ones we sell – their protein can come from such things as sprouted lentils or other seeds like chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin seed, rice.

What’s important to recognize here is that while whey protein is a good protein, soy is not always recommended. ‘A point to be made is that the constituents that compose the sprouted seed proteins are much more complexly useful to the body. While whey clearly has its usefulness, many believe that these sprouted seeds have an amino acid and biochemical complexity that is more balanced, wholesome and invigorating to your body.

These Green Shakes – again, not really green in their color, but clearly full of healthy vegetative energy – are something to help you cut down on eating big meals or low-health meals, meals from the corner deli or McDonald’s. There are days in each of our lives when we know we should eat something but we know we really don’t need much in the way of calories. These shakes are the way to go!

Green Shakes are a somewhat high-tech solution to our modern world’s obesity epidemic. Using them regularly is a fantastic way to start losing weight. They should be part of every weight loss program! By mixing a scoop of powder with a tall glass of water you are often getting 15 or more grams of protein. You can use two scoops for a bigger meal. While many will rinse and reuse one of those tall plastic self-mixing drinking bottles, mixing into a glass with a spoon or even a couple of coffee stirrers works just as well.