And then there are the Beatles – possibly the most important musical group over the last 50 years or so. I suggest that the reason the Beatles were so esteemed and well-liked in popular culture back then is because the four elements moved so well through them. Let’s have some fun taking a look at that.

There was the complement of their four ways of thinking, using words, their voices, and their instruments; their four physiques, faces, and personalities; their life experiences and life styles. What made them especially good was that while they all may have been reasonably balanced with each of our four principles, each Beatle was exceptionally strong in one of them.  

While others may see it differently, for me George was the one who drew upon the Fire Principle the most. His focus on India’s spiritual sitar music and the consistent spiritual focus in his life exemplified that. John was the most intellectually curious and politically engaging one – and so he would be the Air Principle dominant Beatle. Paul was the playing out of Water’s more frivolous, cute, romantic version of reality – the girls especially liked what Paul offered them. And then we have Ringo – a drummer who cannot help but draw upon the power of Earth. Drums emphasize Earth as per the lower, more physical vibrations that are percussed into existence as they are physically engaged by hand, stick or foot pedal.

In some sense, all successful musical groups are composed of band mates that complement each other in this energetic kind of way; their high and low voices that get put into harmonies, their instrumentations, their general personalities. See what happens when you look at your own favorite musician or musical group in this way. Whether it be Mozart in the 1700’s, musicians of the ‘70’s like Bob Dylan, Joanie Mitchell, James Taylor – each had a unique style, which ultimately related to the way they brought these four principles together. And the same would go with groups like tthe Rolling Stones, Yes; the Ramones, Madonna, Green Day, Beyoncé,… of course you have your own musician or group that you feel these principles moving so well within. Share your thoughts for this and other ways that you see the four elements playing out in the world at

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