Become a Virtual Patient 

“Dr. W has a way of knowing what is off-kilter in my body – and finds a way to bring natural forces to the rescue!”

  — Jodi H.

Dr. Walsdorf now offers Virtual Consultations for individuals who are seeking holistic-natural therapies for their health issue but are unable to visit his Center in Syracuse, NY. As a Virtual Patient you will receive many of the healing protocols and personal recommendations that his in-office patients receive.

These virtual sessions build on Dr. Walsdorf’s 35 years as a holistic doctor-chiropractor treating thousands of patients with a wide variety of conditions. He offers his telemedicine patients important parts of his holistic “Four-Element Healing Program”. More can be learned about this depth of this program near the bottom of this page.

What should I expect during my Virtual Visits with Dr. Walsdorf?

Nutrition and Herbs
(Nature’s Water Element)

Visceral Yoga
(aka 4Element Yoga)

Spiritual Oomph
(& Personal Growth)

Nutrition and Herbs

A major part of your work with Dr. W will involve Nutrition and Herbs, specifically tailored to your health issues. Many products he recommends are from Mediherb and Standard Process and are sold only by a health practitioner. You will have access to these products as a virtual patient. Dr. W will provide recommendations and their rationale typically within three days after your consultation. 

Visceral Yoga (aka 4Element Yoga)

Following your second follow up consultation you will frequently be given special yoga maneuvers to do. Visceral Yoga is a subset of 4 Element Yoga focused on renewing organ (visceral) health through special movements. There are specific maneuvers designed to improve brain, eye, thyroid, heart, lung, GI, and sex organ health. Dr. W will determine the particular maneuvers that will strengthen the chi of your weaker organ systems. You will be given instructions on how to do them.

Spiritual Oomph

(& personal growth)

We are all meant to grow emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Dr.
Walsdorf’s Holistic Health & Wellness Course has a strong focus on these
aspects of personal growth.

While there are a wide variety of models, few utilize the Ancient’s four
element system of seeing our human condition. With Dr. Walsdorf’s course
you will begin appreciating the power of a set of four principles – spiritual
principles – that we relate to consciously and/or unconsciously.

We grow as we understand these four cosmic-spiritual-natural principles. If
you want to grow as an individual, there is possibly no better way to do it
than to start understanding them.

Then you need to apply them to your life. Part of this course examines the
nuts and bolts of your life and you’ll see what good things happen as you
integrate these life-positive four principles into your daily and weekly

So not only do these Fire, Air, Water and Earth principles relate to food and
exercise and health, but to our psyche. You will become smarter and more
positively engaged in the world as you see these same four principles
showing up in a variety of ways and in all the many particulars of your life.

Practitioner-only Nutritional Supplements

Mediherb is an Australian herb company that produces perhaps the best herb products out there. Their tablets are robust with herbal energy. Dr. W will often recommend sucking on them for a bit before swallowing them – you can taste their vibrancy, their herbal power. While they do cost more than your average herbal product, there is a good reason for it. They are so good – in great part due to their concentrating of herbs through their special proprietary system.

While the nutritional supports we make available are really good, there is another category of nutritional supports that Dr. Walsdorf recommends. They include products made by Standard Process.  There is no other way to say it, but this company’s products are “more natural” – more full of the biochemistries that promote the renewal of our health and vital energies.  

Standard Process Labs is more than “a vitamin company”. Its products work in special ways by their special techniques of “squeezing” the vibrant biochemistries – the vital essences – out of cells to create more powerful natural products. This might include peavine juice, buckwheat or brussel sprouts, liver or bovine adrenal glands. They’ve been used by many of the best natural health doctors for more than 70 years!  Dr. W has been using them for 30 years.

Unfortunately, we cannot sell these supports directly online. You will, however, receive them when you are on this Level Two Program involving Virtual Office Visits with Dr. W.  After you fill out his Work-up forms and you have your first phone/skype virtual office visit with him, Dr. W will choose the right products for you.

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