For over 35 years, Dr. Walsdorf has been a leading-edge holistic doctor applying an ancient wisdom to help thousands of patients 

R e g a i n   Y o u r   B a l a n c e

Create a life that is more inspired, productive, healthy – less stressed, & more fun– as you discover what Fire, Air, Water & Earth  are really all about!

Lot’s of cool things to learn, taste and heal with on your own Four Element holistic journey


Salts & Spices



Vitamins and Supplements

Learn about the four elements

Spice it up!

Enhance your palate and your health with our variety spices, seasonings and salts. Spices not only add flavor, many may help reduce inflammation, boost heart health, lower blood sugar and more. Choose from our specialty blends, or create your own
unique combination!


What makes you tick?

Each astrological sign is ruled by one of the four elements. Once you understand your element, you’ll learn to live a more spiritually robust and productive life.  We have some of the most in-depth and comprehensive astrological analysis available. With some basic information regarding your date and place of birth, we can construct a complete astrological profile for you or anyone else!  


The use of candles has evolved from being our major source of light to bringing relaxation and balance into our lives. A candle’s gentle glow soothes the mind, symbolizes celebration, and adds romance. It offers an opportunity for mediation and prayer and adds a sense of warmth to any atmosphere.


Nature’s essential oils can do wonders for your mind and body. Combined with a hot bath or shower, they can leave you feeling invigorated or completely relaxed. Our soaps provide mindful combinations of oils offering the experience you are looking for.


Have you ever questioned what sets you apart from others in your life and what drives your and actions? Your astrological sign and its association with one of the four elements may reveal the answers. The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements- Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Discover more about yourself and others based on the four elements.


We all know how important nutrients are to our bodies, so many of us supplement with the use of vitamins, minerals and herbals. The quality of those supplements is just as important! Pure Encapsulations provides unique formulations backed by verifiable science as a complement to your plan of care.


Discover how to appreciate the way the 3 dimensions of space relate to those same four principles of Nature. 4 Element Yoga allows you to draw these life-positive principles into desired parts of your body.

Our Mission
To help create an understanding of the role Fire, Air, Water and Earth play in our everyday lives and to help you recognize how each element influences who you are and how you feel, move and think. Once you have this knowledge, we can help you rebuild your health and find balance in your life. This ancient-based knowledge is a holistic approach toward health and happiness.

About Dr. W.
A holistic chiropractor for over 30 years, Dr. W is the champion of an ancient way of thinking, living and healing. With his scientific background and his three decades of experience, he has applied the “four element code” to create a new holistic model for understanding  how to live a more vibrant, balanced and healthier life. [learn more]

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